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Here are some common questions you may have.

What is the Blacklight Run™?

Let’s start by saying that Blacklight Run™ is not a race, and is not a competitive category of running; Foam Glow™ is a new category of 5K fun runs that we created to reintroduce you to your inner child.

Participants run, walk, dance and play across 3 miles rad real estate. Glowing stations are encountered at each kilometer along the course.

Other than the fact that they’re serious about having fun, runners in the Blacklight Run™ range from first timers (plenty) to seasoned competitors. But there’s medals, no race clock, no timing chips, no ESPN coverage. Take your time and don’t worry about setting a PR. But if you must, time your run with your own device. It’s cool.

Can I transfer my entry to another person?

We’ll sure miss seeing your glowing face, but of course you can! Simply fill out the Blacklight Run™ Transfer Form and have the new runner bring it to the event along with your original confirmation email.

What else should I bring?

In addition to a fun attitude, big smile and high fives, we suggest bringing a pouch if you plan on using your phone or camera (or you can purchase one at the Blacklight Run™ Store) and a towel. Also consider purchasing one of our super neat Blacklight Run™ drawstring backpacks to tote your items in style! As we will not have storage facilities on site, please plan to bring only what you can carry with you onto the course.

I purchased an Express Registration but have not gotten a confirmation email yet.

If you purchased an Express Registration, you still need to finish up in order to receive your confirmation email. You should have received an email reminding you to complete the registration, so just simply follow the instructions and you should receive your confirmation email lickity-split!

Can I run with my dog?

We love dogs, but the Blacklight Run™ is canine free.

How can I view/edit my registration information, team, packet pickup group, or purchase additional goodies?

You can do all the above directly from your user account by first following the two simple steps below:

  1. Go to your confirmation email & click “My Events” near the bottom
  2. Log-in to, and find your event

From there, you will see the options to:

  • View & Edit Registration
  • Purchase additional merchandise
  • Transfer to another event
  • Manage family and friends packet pickup
  • Create/join a team or manage your team

There may be additional options available depending upon selections made during the registration process such as inviting pre-paid team members or signing your waiver.

What is included with my registration fee?
  • Admission to Blacklight Run™.
  • Race t-shirt
  • Foam Glow™ tattoo
  • Race bib number with safety pins

This does not include any purchased merchandise. This can be picked up at the race. Just jump ahead to the preorder line at our Foam Glow™ store and pick up your gear!

Can a friend pick up my packet?

Sure thing! Make sure your waiver was signed, then just give the designated picker-upper a copy of your registration receipt (the one with the scancode). Easy Peasy.

Also! If you’re in a Packet Pickup Group, anyone on the team can pick up all or some of the members packets. You can create or join a Packet Pickup Group by selecting the option during registration OR you can always create, join, or add members after registration. See the FAQ above.

Can I transfer my entry to another event?

Registrations may be transferred to another event in the same series and tour year. Event transfers must be done online within at least 2 days of the event. See the FAQ regarding viewing and editing your registration above.

Is this family friendly? Do I register my child, under 5, if they are free entry?

All ages are welcome! This is a great family event with lots of fun, glow, music, and memories. Kids 5 and under are free and do not need to be registered. The kiddo will need to have a waiver signed for them by a parent or legal guardian though!

What is your refund policy?

All entry fees are non-refundable. Therefore, please triple-check your calendar prior to signing up!

If you absolutely cannot attend anymore, you can transfer your entry to a friend anytime prior to the start of the race (see our FAQ on how to do so). If you don’t have anyone to transfer to, at least come to Packet Pickup to snatch your swag and say hello. We’d love to meet you!

What is your weather policy?

Adverse weather: As stated in the waiver there are no refunds due to adverse weather. In the event that weather or other unforeseeable conditions are deemed by the event organizers and/or City Officials to be potentially hazardous to participants, glowin’teers and staff, the organizers reserve the right to postpone the start time or cancel the event outright. Cancellation of the event may take place either prior to the start of the event or at any time while the event is taking place.

There will be no refunds or deferrals for weather cancellation.


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